Our Farm is Very Unique for many reasons - All Natural Almonds.  Abundant nutritional value with ZERO pesticides, ZERO insecticides and ZERO herbicides.  Trees and soil have been treated with over 80 minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Above average nut size and this is our first harvest.

 “All Natural Farm”

Our Farm was established with very basic principles and ethics.  Provide the highest quality, Best-In-Class, All-Natural Almonds.

We care for our farm and trees like a member of our family. Nothing but the best nutrients, vitamins and minerals have gone into our orchard to create the highest quality, most nutritious, healthy product.

 Direct from Farm to Table, All-Natural, Healthy Almonds.

People drive the success of each and every organization. Our farm is unique as we thrive to develop methods and procedures to constantly improve upon our teams’ ability to perform.

Training, safety and maintenance guidelines are constantly revisited to create an atmosphere where our team shares best-case practices, constantly becoming more efficient and challenging each other to develop new and improved methodology.

Unforeseen trends and weather are key factors that can make or break a year, we accept the challenges as they arise and find creative and cost-effective ways to improve the health and durability of our cash crop.

Trees are self-Pollinating Almonds on Nemagard rootstock.

“All Natural” Trees and Soil

Zero Pesticides

Zero Insecticides

Zero Herbicides

Treated with over 80 Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients.

How We Harvest and Process Our Almonds

We hand harvest, hand hull, hand process, and hand pack our almonds.   They don't touch the ground, and there is "no foreign materials" in the almonds.  

Handpick Almonds
Hand Hull Almonds
Drying Almonds